Isle of Wight Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Wightwashed are the Isle of Wight’s leading Solar Panel Cleaning company. We have cleaned hundreds of solar panels all over the IOW, ranging from Residential roof mounted arrays to Schools and Warehouse units.

Full Isle of Wight Coverage

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Isle of WightWe are fully equipped and insured to provide you with a fast, professional approach to all your Solar Panel Cleaning needs. As we have a vast amount of experience cleaning Solar Panels we are able to do so safely and efficiently to ensure you achieve the increase in output you are after.

We offer a fantastic package to suit all your Solar Panel Cleaning needs and extremely competitive rates to ensure it is worth your while getting your Solar Panels cleaned in the first place.

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Why Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

From customer feedback alone all have reported an increase in output after their Solar Panels were cleaned!

Dirt, Grime, Bird Droppings and especially on the Isle of Wight, Sea Spray all block the light from getting to the Solar Cells. This affects the performance of the Solar Panels and the output you receive drops as a result.

Many Solar Panel Installation companies are now making professional cleaning of the panels a condition of the warranty so in the event of a problem the lack of cleaning could invalidate the warranty. (You will need to check your individual warranty as companies differ)

To ensure your panels are working for you at their optimum call us today for a free no obligation quote.

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